Why eat Alkaline, benefits and tips

February 29, 2016
Lyndall McAlpine

There’s a common misconception that eating alkaline foods make our bodies more alkaline and vise versa with acid forming foods. Eating acidic or alkaline foods cannot change our body’s blood PH.

Our body will ALWAYS retain our blood pH in a very tight range close to pH 7.365. It creates acids from it’s internal processes and metabolism, and has a small acid buffering system which can easily neutralise this acid to retain the necessary ph level.

However, the body was not designed to be able to neutralise as much acid created from our modern day diets of yeasts, sugars, trans-fats, fast foods etc. The constant need and desperate attempt to neutralise these incredibly strong acids is what causes massive problems.

To maintain our short-term health (keeping the pH of its cellular fluids at 7.365) the body will unconditionally make any sacrifice to your long-term health:

  • Calcium is pulled from the bones,
  • Magnesium is pulled from the muscle, and
  • Yeasts, bacteria and microform overgrowths become highly present in the digestive system, clogging your intestines and causing many health problems.

An alkaline diet is not aiming to change your body’s PH level, it’s aiming to relieve the body of this excessive stress to regulate the ph, hence creating better health.

Focussing on a more alkaline diet is simple and foods are pretty much the same as what you would expect of a healthy diet, simply swaying towards more alkaline foods will allow your body to much more easily maintain homeostasis, keep it’s energy for more important tasks and create a healthier body all around.

Simple tips to a more Alkaline diet

  • Increase alkalising foods such as vegetables, low sugar fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils,
  • Reduce acidic foods, eg trans fats, sugar, refined packaged foods, fast foods, alcohol, chocolate, ice cream etc

Extra steps:

  • Start your day with lemon juice in warm water – although lemons are acidic, they actually become alkalising in you body, this warm drink ignites your metabolism, boosts your liver and kidneys and help your digestive system wake up after a good nights sleep.Vegetable juice
  • Green vegie juices is a great way to get lots of nutrients in an easy to digest form, make sure you don’t addd too much fruit, aim for just a little if you need sweetening as fruit juice will spike your blood sugar
  • Alkaline water filter. These can range from $400 up but are a great way to get pure, chemical free, not acidic water

Heres are some great alkaline recipes you might like to try:

Quinoa Tabouli Salad

Quinoa Tabouleh salad in a bowl sitting on a wooden table.

vietnamese chicken salad

                 Pumpkin and rocket Salad


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Info collected from various sources including Sanoviv, Endeavour College of Natural Health, Institute for Integrated Nutrition, Ross Bridgeford

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