I have a small but lovely space in Attadale where I practice a healing modality called Spinal Flow.

Spinal Flow Technique was developed by Dr Carli Axford. It is an incredibly fast and effective way to help you heal and feel amazing in your body again.

Dr Carli being a Chiropractor for many years, Science is an integral part of Spinal Flow Technique. The anatomy of the spine, and its intimate connection to glands, organs and tissues throughout the body, are the basis of Spinal Flow Technique. The spine does more than help us walk in an upright position, it protects the spinal cord and nervous system, which are the master controllers of our body, they contain an abundance of nerves and electrons that send the connections from our brain up and down the spine through our nerves to our organs and the rest of our body. However stressors can create blockage that interrupt the healthy flow of messages and obstruct our body’s aptitude to heal itself.

There is an innate instinct inside every human body to restore, allay and mend itself. Just as our gut digests our food and our hair grows, our wounds heal, our bodies know how to heal by harnessing the nervous system.

The Touch and Philosophy of Spinal Flow Technique are just as important as the Science and have been influenced by all of Dr Carli’s learnings from around the globe – from yoga to meditation to anatomical techniques like biogeometric integration, Spinal Flow Technique harnesses everything that works for deep, transformational healing. By making contact with specific access points along the spine and cranium, the Emotional, Physical and Chemical blockages stored in the nervous system can be located and released, allowing healing to happen.

Pain, brain fog, lack of enthusiasm for life, illness and anxiety are just some of the symptoms that Spinal Flow treatments can assist with. 

Taking time for your wellness is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and I’m so excited for the years to come helping others with their pain and health conditions. If you would like to book an Spinal Assessment & Session or just like to know more please feel free to book an appointment or contact me personally in the contact section.