Super gut healing Spicy Soup in 10 minutes

March 28, 2018
Lyndall McAlpine

Ok this is how my crazy lunch brain often works:

  1. … always think healthy….
  2. what’s needs using up/ what am I craving…usually craving soup or salad!
  3. What’s something different for today?
  • Just got in my delivery of organic bone broth – yes!
  • find bok choy in fridge
  • find uncooked grassfed steak (can’t waste that!)
  • ……mmmm pho soup would be perfect!

10 minute Pho-ish soup

  1. Throw the steak, bone broth*, a few grates of fresh ginger, top of spring onion stalks (that don’t usually get used) and a shake of some spices that make a pho soup: 
  • coriander,
  • fennel
  • star anise
  • cardomon
  • chili
  1. simmer that while I:
  2. shave carrot
  3. chop spring onions
  4. chop bok choy
  5. chop konjac noodles**

………I’m starving so I grab the bottle of sauerkraut*  and a fork to treat myself while I’m waiting….hmmm…experiment with sauerkraut and broth – tastes great!

6. Strain out chunky spices, saving broth of course

7. Throw in remaining ingredients (including a forkful of sauerkraut) and mint from the garden


As usual my presentation skills are to be worked on and of course the spices would have been nicer if left longer but for a 10 minute throw together the soup was delicious!!!

I realise a lot of you aren’t fortunate enough to be near your kitchen when lunch time comes. You will need to work hard to think ahead so that last minute bad choices don’t ruin your good intentions to eat cleaner and healthier. Soup is a great lunch food! Make a big batch on Sunday, freeze some if you have to or just keep in fridge. Have portions ready in containers (please use glass if you are going to microwave), last minute garnishes chopped and bagged ready to grab as you walk out the door

* Bone broth (more info here) and sauerkraut (more info here) are wonderful for your gut health, helping feed your good gut bacteria and repair the gut lining.

** Konjac noodles are a great substitute for disgusting 2 minute noodles, ramen, or other noodles/pasta that contain gluten

*** I’m always mindful of not spiking my blood sugar. This helps me get through the day without the crash and burn and cravings mid morning or arvo

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