Is over eating your downfall?

April 27, 2018
Lyndall McAlpine

I wrote this to my Healthy Habits Hub for Weightloss Facebook Group, I thought it may be useful here also

– Number one rule…. CHEW you food WELL – there are sensors around your stomach that will tell your brain it is at it’s capacity. If you eat too quickly the brain doesn’t get the message in time and before you know it you’ve woofed too much. Food is yummy! Don’t deprive yourself of the sheer pleasure, take the time to really enjoy and savour the flavour. Put your utensils down between bites and don’t swallow until it’s fully mashed and mushed! So much better for your digestion as well as the enzymes in your saliva have a chance to begin breaking down the food. I’m sorry to say if you are used to having large heavy meals you will have to go through some harder times to start as your stretched stomach will not be able to pass on the full signals, but your stomach will eventually tighten and appetite will reduce.

– ?I don’t like to advise drinking water while eating as it dilutes the digestive juices working so hard to digest your meal, but in this case having a large glass or more of water 5-10 minutes before serving will help to increase the feeling of fullness.

– I rarely have a small meal but what is on my plate is LOTS of vegies. In my detox I encourage unlimited green leafy. Not only are they great for your body nutrition wise but vegies are commonly less calorie dense and more importantly have lots of fibre which among other wonderful things will fill you up. 

– ? ? Of course you all know the old trick of smaller plate, it sounds corny but it does help. 

– ?? And of course start with serving your meal size correctly, don’t have food on the table to share (so you can mindlessly  keep nibbling, serve on to individual plates. 

– ? ? If you are a guest ask if you could have more vegies, no gravy, small serve of meat 

– ✋✋ get serious and firm with loved ones, if they love you they will help you.

– …… and once again… chew your food. Try it for a week, count 30 chews if you need. see how you go.

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