Failure Is The Opportunity To Begin Again More Intelligently

August 5, 2016
Lyndall McAlpine
quote failure beach

I have always valued honesty, but apparently this original post was a little too honest, so I have deleted my big failure confession. You are always welcome to ask but for now I love this phrase so am leaving it and the reaming post below.

Now EOY is sorted and I have had a great few days taking a breath, going to the gym (happy hormones flooding in!), planning and contemplating my next steps and setting up some things so I can go back to doing what I love – helping my clients, customers and tribe.


My Healthy Habits Hub for Weight Loss is a free and closed FB “group”, only members get to write and see others’ post which more cosy and weight loss focused than my Fiorente Health FaceBook Page. There are daily posts on recipes, tips and motivation. If you would like to join us just click here >>Healthy Habits Hub<< you will be very welcome.

I am considering launching the 30 Day Flourishing, Fit and Fabulous Program in September but I may do a 5 day jumpstart first. I will keep you posted or feel free to enquire.

Don’t forget to check out the recipes section if you haven’t already

Yours in Happiness and Health



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