Extra tips to avoid infection

April 6, 2020
Lyndall McAlpine

Apart from the advice given to reduce chance of infection of Covid-19, here are a few simple things that may help reduce your chances

  • Gargling 3x/day (even with just water) has shown to reduce upper respiratory tract infections… Study here
  • There has been advise circulating that keeping the mouth and throat moist and drinking water constantly will wash the bacteria into the acidic stomach instead of going down towards the lungs. This made sense to me but I could not find any research to back it up. I did however find several articles saying that this was a FB circulated myth. Just because it may not have research backing to the theory of flushing the virus, I believe any small “healthy” activity that does not produce negative side effects should be taken in with open arms, don’t you? Hey, it won’t hurt you so why not drink more (including hot) fluids regularly?

Most important is that you

Here’s some tips on strengthening your immune system so you can cope better if you do get infected

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