3 Supplements You Should be Taking if You’re Over 45 Years Old

June 2, 2017
Lyndall McAlpine

While it’s better to get your nutrients from food first, sometimes supplements are necessary. Unfortunately there are just some all-too-common nutrients that we simply don’t get enough of, and they’re absolutely critical to optimal health and wellness, specially as we age.

I always advise my clients to use a good multivitamin/antioxidant to cover the downfall of modern day nutrition-deficient diets, However, here are three supplements to consider (especially if you’re 45) that can have the best effect for us:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin”. We are lucky in Australia to have plenty of sunshine but most of us aren’t able to hang out in shorts every day of the year, even if we did we’d wisely use the old slip, slop, slap procedure for sun protection.

Vitamin D is very important for everyone but especially women over 45 as It helps to protect our bones.

Vitamin D helps our body absorb and keep the calcium we get from our food and drinks.  And we all know that calcium is one of the main things our bones are made of.

Want to know something funny about vitamin D? (it’s true, I swear). People who get enough vitamin D tend to fall less frequently.  Especially as we get older. Seriously!

Vitamin D can help your bones stay strong and help you fall less.  That’s a win-win!



Magnesium is an essential mineral needed for over 300 reactions in your body. Yes, 300!

As with vitamin D it’s very common for us to simply not get enough magnesium, not even the 320 mg per day that’s recommended.

Low levels of magnesium have been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, low bone density, and even migraines.

Magnesium is found in so many healthy whole foods like beans, nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables.  In fact, the magnesium element is central to a plant’s chlrophyll – it’s actually what causes green plants to be green!  And most of us just don’t get enough green plants into our bodies on a regular basis

Magnesium is a very common supplement and is often added to multivitamins. (Usana has just upped their magnesium content in their Calcium, Magnesium, Vit D supplement)


We’ve all heard that we need to get more omega-3 essential fatty acids, right?  They’re good for our hearts, brains, and help to reduce inflammation.

These are all good things when it comes to our health and wellness, but not all of us are ready, willing, and able to eat fish three times per week. You also need to be wary of high heavy metal levels (tuna, shark and swordfish are among the highest).

While fish oil supplements contain the “brain healthy” fats called EPA and DHA, those two are not technically the “essential” fats.  The plant omega-3 known as ALA is essental and that is because our bodies can convert ALA into EPA and DHA when necessary.

Omega-3 supplements can be found in forms of flax oil, algae oil, fish oil, or even fish liver oil.

Usana’s Biomega is double distilled to remove virtually all heavy metals and was shown to be one of the top 3 purest fish oils in Singapore.


Always read the supplement labels to see if there are warnings that would make them inappropriate for you.  And, of course if you have any medical conditions or take medications or other supplements it’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor before starting anything new.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or would like to know more about the supplements I recommend.


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