Autumn Allergies

April 11, 2017
Lyndall McAlpine

It’s beautiful Autumn weather here in Perth but unfortunately  there are many people suffering terribly with allergies.

Rather than relying on prescription drugs (and their nasty side effects), here are a few tips that might help reduce those red, itchy, watery eyes and congested nasal passages.

  1. Rinse allergens and soothe sinuses and nasal passages with:
    • Sinus saline solution rinse
    • Saline solution spray  
  1. Relieve sinus congestion with:
    • Eucolyptus steam inhaler  
    • Eucalyptus nose inhaler stick
  2. Reduce allergen intake by:
    • Keeping Allergens out of the house. Pollen clings, so keep your “outdoor clothes” and shoes in seperate closed cupboard (preferably at front door) so you’re not bringing allergens into the house.
    • Washing clothes, sheets and especially pillow cases often
    • Keeping hair tied up or washed daily
  3. Avoid allergen intake by:
    • Wearing a face mask (where possible) when your are outdoors or at least in the garden and do gardening chores in the late afternoon when pollen counts tends to be lower
  4. Relieve inflammation by:
    • Choosing foods that reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system. All the
      goodness of vegies,especially lots of green vegies, carrots, pumpkin (carotenoids), oranges and lemons (vitamin C boosts antibodies as well as white blood cell activity), and onions and garlic (increase the numbers of natural killer cellsincrease T-cells, natural killer cells, and antibody response their potency, quercetin which inhibits the release of histamines the annoying chemical culprit that makes eyes and noses run). Here is a yummy Autumn allergy-fighting soup recipe
  5. Boost your immune system by
    • Using targeted nutrients and botanicals that actually boost your immune system rather than taking pharmaceutic drugs that just mask the symptoms.
    • Among other Usana products I take regularly, I boost up on Poly C
    • and Proflavanol (grape seed extract), it is a natural antihistamine, potent anti oxidant and anti inflammatory. I have a friend who has had amazing results with this for his hay fever.
    • Feeding you good gut bacteria. Our gut bacteria plays a huge role in the strength of our immune system. When gut health suffers so does the rest of your body, and the result for many people are allergy symptoms that flare up each spring. Probiotic feed your microbiome, boosting your immune system so you are less likely to succumb to the season’s irritants
  6. Reduce common food allergens by
    • Avoiding common inflammatory foods such as processed foods that contain sugar, gluten or dairy. Even healthy whole foods such as such as nightshades, eggs, bananas are inflammatory to some people and may be making you feel unwell without you realising it. This might be a good time to check which foods do affect by doing an eliminatoin diet or……
    • Doing a Detox. This will help cut your toxic load and eliminate most of the most (or all if you choose) of the above common food allergens from your diet. Reducing toxins and allergens reduces your vulnerability to allergies and it support your liver to allow it to cope with the excessive allergens and toxic substances invading our bodies.

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