Best drinks & tips for less calories & hangovers

December 19, 2019

Tis the season to be merry!!!

Soooo many parties, get-togethers. Along with all the other serious health hazards, alcohol can add a lot of unwanted sugar & calories.

Alcohol has more calories/kjs per gram than carbs or protein, it is high in sugar content and will spike your blood sugar. It also weakens your willpower, often leading to scoffing down all those foods you’ve so proudly resisted all week.

Along with drinking wisely so you don’t end up with a throbbing headache ache anymore the next morning you can choose wisely so your whole daily calorie quota isn’t skulled in a few drinks.

Here is a calorie comparison of some popular alcohol drinks:

BeverageAverage bar serveCalories
Vodka with soda (4%)30ml spirit plus 150ml soda64
White wine (11.5%)150ml70 – 120
Sparkling wine (11.5%)150ml70 – 120
Red wine (13.5%)150ml100 – 120
Vodka soda150ml96
Full-strength beer (4.8%)425ml schooner155
Gin and tonic (4.5%)30ml spirit plus 250 ml tonic200
Rum and coke/cola (4.6%)375ml can248
Espresso Martini150ml285
Premix gin and tonic (4.5%)375ml can320
Piña Colada (13%)150ml290-480

Were you surprised about G&T? I was! A common misconception is that tonic is a type of soda water. It’s actually full of sugar so G&T is not a great option for a low calorie drink. 

Refraining from alcohol altogether is of course the best option if you are trying to lose weight or just being healthier. This can be hard to do when socialising, with peer pressure and the “Aussie” way, it’s amazing how hard some friends work to make sure you are joining in the drinking. Here are a few sneaky tricks you could use to reduce your intake when socialising:

If drinking white wine, ask for ice to the top, and also a large glass of ice. Continue to add ice as you drink.. you won’t even notice the change of flavour and may even prefer the next glass diluted with water also. You will increase your water and decrease you alcohol intake and spend less so it’s a win, win, win!

I love swapping beer with ginger Kombucha and wine with hibiscus Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented drink that is so good for your gut bacteria. Some do have a little sugar but for the benefits it gives and the negatives it does provide, I think it is worth the swap!

Sneak to the bar and ask for top up of soda water into you beer bottle – they usually won’t charge you and no one has to know so no peer pressure!

Don’t get into rounds – you can slow your pace down and do above tips much easier when not obliged to keep up with everyone.

Here’s a great link if you are in to cocktails: Skinny Cocktails


To your good health

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