10 Day Detox – 7 Days Down

January 11, 2016
Lyndall McAlpine

10 Day 3

It’s a fresh Monday morning and I would like to announce we made it through the weekend without a drop of alcohol touching our lips.

The food has been a breeze for me but I was concerned about how we would cope when that 5 o’cock Friday arvo bell sounded and we are always promptly sitting at the front with a table of pickies and a cold Corona. I know I should be keeping this unhealthy side of me from public, but as anyone who knows me would agree, I have a thing about honesty. It has been really good for me to do this along with my clients, to feel what they feel and tweek things as I go.

So, at 5pm I have to admit my whole being wanted that beer.. but we hung in there and enjoyed several bottles of S.Pellagrino and lime, which by the way really is a lovely drink, and I WILL be substituting with it much more often!

Version 3 IMG_3734

The rest of the group seem to be going well, with reports of weight loss, less pain in joints, reduced cravings

I have put a lot of effort into the meal plan, making sure we cook once and eat at least twice out of most meals. Knowing how busy everyone is these days there is no point in giving out glamorous recipes that no one has the time to make. It is so important to prepare, so I have encouraged everyone to spend some time on Saturday or Sunday so the week runs smoothly.

I think the goodie boxes (prepackaged ingredients and food for a hassle free week – for locals at added price) went well also with those who chose them. Although I have decided not to shop for fresh produce next time as we had no room in our fridge!!!!

IMG_3686 IMG_3672….Ollie claimed his own box

Here are some of the meals we enjoyed this week, the Detox is gluten free, dairy free, soy free and importantly sugar free and low GI.

prawn curryIMG_3737IMG_3693

As well as being a Detox, you can choose to go one step further to an elimination diet which also excludes night shades (tomatoes, potatoes, capsicums eggplant) and egg free – these are not unhealthy foods but because they have a higher tendency of people having a sensitivity to solanine, an alkaloid compound produced. Considering I spent over $700 for a test to see if I was sensitive to anything, I think if you have a tendency to have inflammatory symptoms it is worth going the extra mile for 10 days (plus extra days to reintroduce each food), just maybe there is a food that your body is reacting to and it may make the difference when removing it from your diet.

I am running another 10 Day Detox on the 7th March, early bird price of $135 (plus postage) including $83 worth of detox-focussed nutritional supplements and as always lots of support.

If you are at all interested please register by entering your details in the contact section of this website.

Here are some lovely testimonials I received;

Lyndall is a most caring person with an incredible depth of knowledge on all matter related to health. She combines this with a truly personalised approach to help you through the process. Getting healthy is a great ideal but putting it into practice can be a far harder thing. With Lyndall on your side with encouragement, helpful tips and her never ending recipes, it really makes it so easy. Thanks Lyndall, you are a great inspiration. Ian

Lyndall was magnificent throughout the detox! She never failed to provide me with ample support and information, explaining thoroughly the importance of a detox and any side effects I may have, before they kicked in. This left me with no surprises and most importantly, I felt I could approach Lyndall anytime with any questions which came to mind, as she was so approachable and genuinely interested in my wellbeing. Since doing the detox twice, friends and family have not stopped commenting on how good I am looking after losing a bit of puppy fat! I am feeling the greatest I have in years and several family members even say I look my best ever J Thank you Lyndall! Ashleigh

“This is a must-do DETOX. I felt fantastic during and after the DETOX. Energy levels were up and felt light and alert throughout. Get on it!’ Alvin