I thought I would share a personal overview of our amazing body and what I do for my health.
Our body is amazing!

I don’t know many people who are obsessed with the “inside” of our body as I am. We all, at times, take our body’s health for granted… somedays doing the best we can – some days focusing more on finances, socialising and pleasure.

Health is my passion and I am constantly amazed/blown away with what our body actually does – if healthy, nourished and working well!, such as:

Our skin protects us from infection, helps excrete toxins and well pretty much makes us look better than without 💀🤣 

Our brain is our body’s control centre and boss to all

Our gut absorbs nutrients from food and transfers to the blood, kills nasties we have devoured and is a whole city of good and bad bacteria which only recently has been show to be so important for immune system, mood and oh so much more.

Our liver detoxifies us from the medications, polution, toxins, chemical and unhealthy nutrients from food

Our trillion cells go about taking oxygen making energy, repairing and protecting us

Our immune system with little soldier t cell, B cells, lymphatic cells etc that go fight the war on invadors entering our body

Our bones support us, stores our calcium and uses this to keep our body in ph homeostasis (not too acidic)

Our heart beats 60-100 beats/minutes, all by itself – no batteries needed – now that is truly mind blowing!

We just don’t walk around coz we do… we sometimes only look at ourselves as fat, muscly, wrinkly, clever, dopey…. but our body is an absolute bloody miracle!

A few thing I do to fuel, nourish and protect my body

I’m a health coach (duh!) so I do weird healthy stuff, I try to fuel and look after my body as it truly deserves, I’m not perfect at it (love that red wine 🤭) and I don’t expect my clients to be either. You can find plenty of healthy recipes and health info and tips in my Blog Tab.
Most everything I do I believe decreases my chances of developing the devil cancer and other degenerate diseases as well as makes me feel better with less aches and pains, less colds and flues (I just don’t get the big symptoms)

Good quality Supplements are one of the things I take daily or when needed to support my beautiful (well on the inside it is!!!) body more than food alone can do these days. I believe they support my goal of living a healthy and long life (I’ve got the happy sorted).

Here are some of the supplements off the top of my head that I use:

Most of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in my Anitoxidant/mulimineral supplement. They are in perfect scientific quantities  with high quality, high bioavailability and safe forms for everything my cells need ever day.

 “Optimisers” are for streamlining and boosting our specific ailments/needs are my personal optimisers I take either daily or at specific times when I feel I need a boost:

Curcumin and glucosamine – really effective forms to help reduce joint pain and even help rebuild cartilage
Grape seed extract – antihistimine, anti-inflammatory (cancer, skin, heart, immune system)
Zinc, mushroom, beta-glucen – super immune booster for helping fight viruses and colds
Vitamin C – inexpensive immune support
Magnesium, Calcium, Vit D – most of us (even Aussies) are deficient – to support the immune system and so much more
Fish oil – super pure/no heavy metals – brain, joints and so much more
Coenzyme Q10 – helps mitochondria make energy, most of coq10 is used in heart and muscles so great for exercise, vital if you are on statins or getting on in age as we reduce body production
Probiotic and prebiotic (in fibre powder) to keep my good gut bacteria fed and plentiful
Brahmi, Coffee extract, American Ginseng – this is definitely for me!! Supports short term and long term memory, healthy brain structure and function during the ageing process

…. that’s a lot of pills you are now thinking!!!!  Yep, but it’s just part or my routine now. It is my fiercely strong belief that supplementing nutrients is part of a regiment, along with physical and mental exercise, spirituality and stress management, good company and a good belly laugh that keeps me, and will keep me as healthy as possible. 

I am always here to have a chat and help you work out what your personal needs might be and to guide you to a more healthier you. Please feel free to book an app here or contact me on 0439971079